Lyrics Indiana - Birthday Boy

Indiana - Birthday Boy
Исполнитель: Indiana
Дата: 28/12/2017
Категория: Переводы песен
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(yeah... pain)
Last time i saw you
I was holding your hand
and I couldn't wait for
you to leave
I knew right then
that it was over and done
and I couldn't believe
that I was free

Help me now
I'm going down
and I don't know if i'll be ok
I'll be around
I'll be in town
if you need a place to stay

When the wind blows
and there's a chill in the air
I hope that someone
is taking care of you
i'm alright
yeah, i'm really ok
Jst so you know
i'm always there for you

Helpme now
Im going down
and i don't know if i'll be ok
I'l be around
I'll in town
if u need a place to stay

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